National Company of Railway Passenger Transport, derailed by a History teacher

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 National Company of Railway Passenger Transport, derailed by a History teacher

The new railway timetable, recently published by National Company of Railway Passenger Transport (CFR Calatori), was designed to promote mostly the interests of private railway operators. The Director General of CFR Calatori, History teacher Stefan Roseanu (pictured), made himself noticed for his obedience for the heavy names in the railway shady business, Mihai Necolaiciuc and Alexandru Noaptes. The actions of the team led by Roseanu, to promite the interests of the private railway operators instead of the national operator's interests, is targeted at taking CFR Calatori to bankruptcy. Some "smart boys" in the railway industry carefully planned the bankruptcy of National Company of Railway Passenger Transport through some absolute amateurs placed by the Liberal Minister of Transport Ovidiu Silaghi in key-positions in the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure. Thus, CFR Calatori SA is now run by Stefan Roseanu, a History teacher vouched for and recommended by the controversial Galati-based businessman Gruia Stoica, the owner of Grampet Group. By the appointment of Roseanu as Director General of CFR Calatori SA, the state-owned company entered the bankruptcy depot, given that the state-owned company became a rusty wagon moved by a locomotive hooked to the private railway operators' interests. There was no better way to put down CFR Calatori than by helping its competitors.

Losses of the state-owned company, turned into gains of the private operators

By the adjustments made to the railway timetable on December 9, 2012, Stefan Roseanu and his army of Directors drafted and enforced a train timetable diagram that would cause solely losses to the state-owned company and only gains to the private operators. It is for the first time since 1990 when the new railway timetable issued annually by CFR Calatori SA also comprises for no extra charge the routes of three private railway operators, "Regiotrans" Brasov, "Servtrans" Bucuresti and "Transferoviar Calatori" Cluj-Napoca. Thus, Roseanu made sure that the services of the private operators take priority over the same services of CFR Calatori SA in rush hours on the routes shorter than 100km which are extremely crowdy, like Ploiesti-Bucuresti, Rosiori-Bucuresti, Pitesti-Curtea de Arges or Oltenita-Bucuresti. In fact, the privately operated trains leave 5-10 minutes prior to the trains of the state-owned company in rush hours of morning and evening. In addition, the CFR Calatori information booth employees in the major stations in the country must now display the private trains' routes as well.

Timetable of interests

It is worth mentioning that the Brasov-based "Regiotrans" was previously owned by businessman Costel Comana before being sold to the German TGV. Comana planted two of his proteges in the CFR Calatori SA Board, who alterred the timetables according to Comana's interests. Valentin Dorobantu, godson of Costel Comana, became Deputy Director of Production at CFR Calatori SA, but was dismissed upon the publishing of the new railway timetable. It remains unknown who did it. Iosif Szentes, the other protege of Comana, was appointed by Roseanu Deputy Director of the Company. Roseanu and Szentes are the informal authors of the new railway timetable. The other private railway operators, "Transferoviar Calatori" Cluj-Napoca and "Servtrans" Bucuresti, are part of the group of companies controlled by Gruia Stoica. In addition, the three private operators were also given free advertising space in the new railway timetable. In fact, this small trick planned by Director Stefan Roseanu to include the three private operators' routes in the new railway timetable turned CFR Calatori SA into a free service provider for the private companies that will take the state-owned company to bankruptcy.

Roseanu's Wife works for the competition

The wife of the CFR Calatori SA Director General works for Grampet SA, one of the companies controlled by Gruia Stoica. Thus, it should not come as a surprise that the Director General of CFR Calatori SA is vouched for and protected by the private railway "sharks", to whom Stefan Roseanu granted more generous subsidies than to the state-owned company. When asked about the new railway timetable, Stefan Roseanu declares that it is appropriate for the company he runs and he also claims that he considered the best interests of the state-owned company when drafting it. However, the reality contradicts him, as CFR Calatori SA incurred losses, being sabotaged and directed towards a final bankruptcy.

Godfather of private interests

Stefan Roseanu, the current Director General of CFR Calatori SA, is a History teacher who got to the premises of Ministry of Transport by working for a free specialized magazine delivered to the CFR Palace. By this magazine and by organizing various events on the electrified transport, he collected good amounts from the Ministry of Transport, irrespective of the name of the Minister, but especially during the mandates of Anca Boagiu, Radu Berceanu and Ludovic Orban. He started his apprenticeship in public money frauds with the heaviest names in the field, Mihai Necolaiciuc and Alexandru Noaptes. When he became Director General of CFR Calatori SA, the History teacher surrounded himself with unofficial representatives of the private railway operators, whose goal was very clear, to bankrupt the state-owned company. CFR Calatori SA currently has 16 directors and 41 department heads in the main premises in the CFR Palace only, without including the other eight regional directors.